Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Venture into Cube Interior Design

My Corner Home Away from Home:
If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll know that most cubes are either decorated with office materials or with haphazardly placed family photos. I work at a movie studio and it would be all too easy to fill my corner with tchotchke. Instead, I have chosen to create a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing area that portrays my personal design tastes. The way I see it, if I’m going to leave my beautiful apartment to spend 10 hours+ somewhere else, it better be stylish and comfortable.

The Entrance:
I fell in love with these Blik decals. They are perfect for personalizing a space without damaging the walls or cabinets. When walking past my corner, one is immediately taken by the flock of birds. Instead of offering junk food, I give my visitors a tasty treat, Clementines in a beautiful glass vase.

Detailed View of Front Facing Wall:

•Clementines in a tall glass vase
•“Keep Calm poster” is the best mantra to share with work colleagues.
•Blue birds from Blik
•Wooden framed mirrors, IKEA
•Stainless steel French press because drip coffee is no way to drink LAMill coffee
•Tiny pink roses in “inline box vases” from CB2 http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=910&f=4815&viewall=1
•Snake plant in brown ceramic vase

The Computer Area:
Every time I came into work, I was welcomed by this bland cabinet door. It was in this corner that my cubinterior design began.

1. I upholstered square cork boards with cool, patterned vintage fabric. Then, I attached magnetic plaques labeled “Maps:Gym”, “Contact List”, “Calendar” and a famous quote from Cicero
“Tarditas et procastinatio odiosa est”, Delay and Procastination are hateful. It’s nicer to read in Latin.

2.The flock of birds begin their ascent from this corner

3.I tacked on two Spontan magnetic strips with t-shaped pins on the backsplash and placed 6 Grundtal magnetic canisters. The fish bowl images, which I added, bring the element of water into the space. I find it to be calming and clean.

4.In addition, I made a “Happy Hour” clock with the IKEA PS. If you open the front door, there are two liqueur glasses and a small bottle of St. Germaine Elderberry.

Detailed views of backsplash

•Canisters are filled with vitamins, fish oil pills and keys sitting in a canister of coffee beans
•Added the gold fish in fishbowl image to canister lids-notice the keys resting in the canister of coffee beans?

Detailed view of Corkboards

•The vintage fabric was wrapped and stapled to the corkboards. I then attached binder clips to the center of the boards, removed the front handle and secured them with t-pins to the cube walls.

Additional photos:


  1. Highly creative, fun, work space. Who wouldn't want to go to work each day with a office like that?

    I too have the "Keep Calm" poster. Love it!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh my God, I love it! I had envisoned my cube very similarly but was at a lost on how to carry it out. You are a TOTAL inspiration.
    Blik Decals! Who would have thunk it?!

  3. Very nice C. I really like all the work you put into your...work space. Clementines...what the hell is that? Where are the Snickers Bars!

    Awesome post though...I give it four Clemmer-whatchu-macallits.